They were supposed to be dead.

Greetings to you all. I have been running this NWoD game with many groups for a number of years now. Each group has added something different to the setting and has advanced a long time plot to this new incarnation of the setting. As most World of Darkness players know, each supernatural group has a means, whether actively maintained or just passively is, to keep their existence hidden from humanity. Due to the actions of characters in this game’s previous incarnation, the existence of all supernatural beings was revealed to mankind, bypassing all preventative measures and forcing humanity to accept the existence of supernatural beings. This resulted in the current incarnation.

The Setting

It is the year 2025. Supernatural beings have been declared extinct. The world is devastated from war, with severe climate changes in some areas of the world. Africa, with the exception of the northern-most countries, is now completely destroyed with its remains sunk into the ocean. The remaining areas are blacked and nothing grows there, no matter what scientific breakthroughs are created; life just refuses to grow there. In Africa in March 2022, Mages, Were-creatures, and Vampires put aside their differences and made a last stand against the Hunters. On October 31st 2022, the last stand ended, and the majority of the continent was obliterated, killing millions.
What happened? What always happens when humanity encounters something radically different from their world view: rejection. Humanity in its panic at realizing the existence of supernatural creatures attempted to destroy every one of them. Humanity over-reacted. That is not to say that some protested the war, but that is not also to say that some governments changed from peace loving democratic programs to that of military dictatorships. Some never changed back after the world was declared supernatural free. The war lasted for 8 years. Hunters found their organizations flooded with new potential candidates. Those that questioned this over-reaction and mass hysteria were silenced by the zealous and many hunter groups found themselves funded by governments or private personas. Mass genocide occurred, and while the supernaturals fought back with everything they had, it was not enough to stem the tide of fear and hatred against them. Human’s technology, as it always does, made leaps and bounds during the war.
Now it is the Fall of 2025. It has been 2 years since Supernaturals have been declared extinct, and 10 years since the beginning of that war. You are a person, aged between 21-32 living your life when something happens. You’ve been bitten, awakened, made a Faustian deal with a spirit of death, transformed, abducted by the Fae, or perhaps you’re a disillusioned hunter. What do you do now? They might know you are what you are, they might be hunting you right now, they might be just around the corner. You remember what happened, you grew up with that war all around you, and now, you’re one of the hunted. How could this have happened? Weren’t they all dead? What should you do? Should you kill them or should you join them hoping they might help you survive in your new condition. More importantly, what is going on?
What the Hunters and humanity failed to realize is, if these supernaturals were such a threat to the safety of Humanity, why hadn’t they wiped out Humanity eons ago? What if they were protecting Humanity from something or some things?

The Game

You are a supernatural creature. You can be a Vampire, Were-creature, Mage, Geist, Changeling, or a Dark Hero (NWoD Mirrors) Hunter. Like all other supernaturals, Dark Heroes were hunted down. You must survive in a world where its possible you will be killed any moment from now, which will require you to have a level of thinking and common sense. I will be posting a section on character creation in the wiki soon.

World Of Darkness Awakening